What is IT?

Electrokinetic Remediation

This is the most thorough type of soil remediation offered. We have proprietary PORTABLE equipment to handle any type of contaminated soil. From personal land to commercial land, we can adjust to any affected area. This is the most cost efficient, environmentally friendly and time saving method to use.

How It Works

Electrokinetic remediation can be performed as an in-situ remediation where the soil is not excavated for the purpose of decontamination . This method involves the application of direct current of low density to the contaminated site. An electric field is created by inserting electrodes in the contaminated site and passing low density DC making the contaminant particles mobile in the soil media. The contaminants get transported towards the electrodes and they are pumped out, concentrated at the electrodes, and extracted from the soil.

What can be Removed?

Electrokinetic Remediation can be implemented for the remediation of soils, sediments and any porous material. This technique is used on both saturated and unsaturated soils though it works better on saturated soils. It can also be implemented on heterogeneous soils and used to treat a wide range of contaminants. The method is very effective in removal of strontium and cesium from high water content soil. pH control at the electrodes and the use of enhancement agents broaden the range of contaminants that can be treated with this process such as lead, mercury and cobalt. Thus, Electrokinetic remediation is a developing technology which separate and extract radionuclides, heavy metals and organic contaminants from saturated or unsaturated soils, sludges, sediments and groundwater.(Vidhya Ramalingam,..2013))